The Honey


From the beginning, at our farm we have approached beekeeping with the greatest respect and fascination for the world of bees, while also being oriented towards professional production. At Solaia, we practice both migratory and non-migratory beekeeping. In the former, during production season some beehives are moved near the main types of blossoms, in order to obtain monofloral honey. In the latter the beehives remain at the farm, and millefiori (wildflower) honey is produced. No artificial anti-disease or anti-parasite agents are employed in the making of our honey, according to the standards of organic production. The beehives are kept far from sources of pollution and usually positioned close to natural woodlands or organic farms, whose activities do not contaminate the honey. After being extracted from the combs, the honey is simply filtered and decanted in order to eliminate impurities and air. If liquid, the honey is then packaged directly; if crystallised or too dense and cold, it is first warmed for a short time at temperatures no higher than 40 degrees Celsius. Our production includes different types of monofloral honey from the uncontaminated pastures and forests of Tuscany: Acacia, Chestnut and Millefiori.




Please find below some information about honey and its numerous qualities.

A short definition of honey: ‘food made by bees from nectar collected from flowers (miele di nettare – blossom honey) or from insect honeydew or plant secretions other than nectar (miele di melata – honeydew honey). The nectar or honeydew are collected, transformed, processed with the addition of specific substances, stored and ripened in the combs’.

Acacia Honey (Robinia pseudo-acacia L.)

Colour: very pale amber.
Aroma: mild and delicate.
Flavour: very sweet.

Crystallisation: absent or very late.

Chestnut Honey (Castanea sativa Miller)

Colour: dark brown.

Aroma: strong, pungent, sharp.
Flavour: strong, penetrating, slightly bitter.
Crystallisation: slow and rough.

Honeydew Pine Honey (Abies alba Miller)

Colour: brown/black with dark green or red highlights.

Aroma: subtle and flowery.
Flavour: delicate, sweet, non-persistent.
Crystallisation: absent or very late.

Millefiori (wildflower) Honey
Colour, aroma, flavour and crystallisation vary according to the blossoms from which the nectar is harvested.